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로고 및 슬로건 이미지 비주얼
  • Event Title2024 Korea-Africa Summit
  • DateJune 4-5, 2024
  • LocationIlsan and Seoul
  • SloganThe Future We Make Together: Shared Growth, Sustainability, and Solidarity
  • ParticipantsDelegations from African countries and related international organizations, key figures from Korean and international business communities, academia, civil society groups, press, etc.

On Tuesday, June 4, the 2024 Korea-Africa Summit will take place in Ilsan where African Heads of delegations and Heads of Africa-related international organizations participate under the theme of “The Future We Make Together: Shared Growth, Sustainability, and Solidarity.” On Wednesday, June 5, the 2024 Korea-Africa Business Summit will take place in Seoul where Heads of State or Government and business leaders of Korea and Africa will jointly participate


로고 및 슬로건 이미지 비주얼

The emblem for the 2024 Korea-Africa Summit is inspired by the Korean taegeuk colors and pan-African colors. The ribbon graphic symbolizing the connection and unity between Korea and Africa takes the form of the African continent.


The Future We Make Together : Shared Growth, Sustainability, and Solidarity

The slogan of the 2024 Korea-Africa Summit embodies Korea's commitment for fostering shared growth and enhancing cooperation and solidarity for a sustainable future with Africa through hosting the first summit which roots from Korea's development experience.

Key Visual

The elements symbolizing the cultures and nature of Korea and Africa are encapsulated in patterns, illustrating the process of fostering mutual understanding and solidarity similar to assembling building blocks.


Emblem Leaflets Summit Poster